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Asmodeus - A Night Serenade... demo 1997

Asmodeus (swe) - A Night Serenade... demo III 1997
1) Part One: The Vision
2) Part Two: The Dreams
3) Outro

RGhost / Yandex

Here is another post featuring a band with an overused name. Metal Archives lists 13 bands named Asmodeus and there's a bunch of non-metal ones too I bet (too lazy to check). Personally I always think first of the Norwegian one, or the Icelandic, but let's concentrate on this, one of the three from Sweden and playing, at least on this demo, sort of melodic death metal with some gothic touches. I don't know why I had it labeled as melodic black/death, there's nothing black metal here. Well, their logo is kinda black metallish (see below).

Two tracks and an outro (which was not mentioned on the cover but I decided to have separate anyways) for a bit less than twelve minutes. The first song is more mellow and gothy with so-and-so clean vocals, the second track being more into my taste, melodic but slightly harder if you know what I mean. In non-Freudian sense. It makes me curious to hear their other demo(s) - I got this back in the day from a tape trader who informed me it was demo III, the cover included makes no reference to other releases or even the year of this release but I trust his word. The outro is nice, but overall I'm left feeling I like their logo more than their music. But enough of my confused ravings, give the demo a listen if melodic death metal interests you.

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