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Dethroned - In the Sign of the Pentagram demo '97

Dethroned - In the Sign of the Pentagram demo V 1997
1) Hoffnunslosigkeit
2) Resnu Retav
3) Ereschkigal
4) In the Sign of Pentagram
5) Hymn to My Horned Leades
6) Die Schlacht in Hredvard
7) The Final War

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I wanted to do another German item, this time black metal and it is an old sending courtesy of brother Baldemar which I meddled a little with, thank you for the original rip and scan! I know this fifth tape, fourth demo (one was a promo tape) of Dethroned is kind of unnecessary as it was included complete on the compilation CD of the same name released by Dominance of Darkness back in 2008, but I just happen to like it a lot and this is a good opportunity to request the other, older tapes which were not featured on that disc. I still strongly encourage you to support DoD and pick up the compilation, either physical or from Bandcamp.

So if you have any of the '95 - '96 tapes let me know, here they are for your reference:
'95: "Finsternis"
'96: "Corpus Dei", "Dungeons of Darkness" and Promotape '96
'98: "Christentod" could just as well request this one too.

Ok, back to the contents. Seven songs but they're all very compact, ranging from less than two minutes to just over three and half. All are very catchy and melodic sort of black metal with plenty of straight up heavy metal riffs included which this time around is pretty awesome since they just seem to blend there so naturally instead of all the bad retro amalgam crap. Take a listen to the start of the (almost) title track, it's practically NWOBHM! Some of you might be interested knowing the band included Corneus of Grausamkeit and ton of side projects infame in its line up. That's enough, I like this a lot and recommend it if you like raw(-ish) black metal with underground production and can stomach melodic, heavy metal parts. Must have more.

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