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Exstinctio Sensus #2

Exstinctio Sensus fanzine, issue 2 (1996)
Solistitium Records
Nattvindens Gråt
Einherjum magazine
Funerary Call
Melek Taus
Dimmu Borgir
Dead Christ Commune
Near Dark mag & prod.
December's Fire
Skogen magazine
Forgotten Woods
Blazing Eternity
The Lord
Theatres des Vampires
+ lyric/poem "Lethalspell" and a page of reviews, English translations for Nattvindens Gråt lyrics


I'm going to travel to Nummirock for usual midsummer hijinks already tomorrow morning so I thought I'd leave you with some reading. Remember Exstinctio Sensus issue 1? Well, here is the second issue! Thanks to our comrade Kurgan for contributing this to me, much appreciated. Scan quality can be blamed again on me.

The second issue features a bigger number of interviews as seen above, despite being a solo effort this time, except for some art contributions. I must say with regret that the 'zine follows the typical patters of the time; where the first issue was clearly a black metal fanzine made with certain enthusiasm and drive the second one goes on to expand onto non-metal music (not a bad thing itself, good to see someone other than Mortiis represented) and the editor is all jaded and fed up with the commercial and trendy scene. It's amusing how the editor explains his idea to include non-band interviews (which I think is a bad idea as most are not at all interesting) to do "a more interesting range" and "not counting typical inties with Metalion, Osmose..." and then he has Solistitium which appeared in every other 'zine at the time (nothing against Carsten but enough is enough), possibly more than Herve & Osmose did, and Odinn of Einherjum. I'm rolling my eyes so hard it takes effort to remain seated. And he also goes on about commercialism, popularization of black metal and money-hungry bands (avoiding name dropping though) and then has both Dimmu Borgir and Covenant, how ironic is that?

Despite all my kvetching this is still well above average 'zine, nice and clear (non-computer) layout, actually interesting bands featured among the usual publicity hunters (for example Wintergods and Funerary Call make a "proper" appearance here after being featured with articles in the previous issue). Of the non-band interviews D.C.C. and Sascha of Skogen are most interesting. The band articles are a bit on the short side but at least not just copied bios. Wintergods interview made me want to hear the three tracks that were supposed to be on the EP, apparently they sent it out as advance tape/promo. But enough from me, I must resume packing.

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HKSO kirjoitti...

I have Blasphemous mag #2 (greece) and some other good ones that I maybe could scan on my vacation.... where should I send the files?

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Pardon the late reply, long absence for Nummirock and then some recovery. You can use the "blog email" ascoven at priest.com... which I really need to check ASAP. Anyways, 'zine scans are very, very welcome! Especially if you happen to have any Wallachian Tyrant issues. Thank you in advance!

GREV kirjoitti...

Hails Brother!

I wanna just let you know... What comes about zines, I've decide to spend more of my valuable time to scan those old zines of mine...

Thanks for all of stuff what you've have published in your mighty blog! \m/

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Thanks, that's good news! I think I've somewhere the list you sent, better give that a look so I can harass you with a few wishes.

KALITAS kirjoitti...

I am looking like crazy for a copy of Extreme Unction (pre-Exstintio Sensus, more or less). It is the most legendary Spanish zine ever (it appears on Worship Him credits!) and one of the best ever written according to many (like the VOMITOR guy). I only have a scan of the cover and a brief description after years or search...

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Hmm, that seems interesting. I'm not familiar with it but perhaps one of our conspirators might have it. Let's hope so and never give up, things have a tendency of turning up eventually.