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Resistencia 88 - A Nova Ordem demo '97

Resistencia 88 - A Nova Ordem demo 1997
1) Hino Ao Führer (Intro)
2) Ziklon-B
3) Orgasm of War
4) Império Facista
5) Junto a Longa Glória (Outro)

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Once again I've overcome the madness of midsummer celebrations and it is time to resume posting. In the spirit of summer heat I decided to continue the southern contributions with another one by comrade unholydeath. Thanks as always! This one is a bit different from the previous, though the language remains same, for here we have Resistencia 88 heiling from Brazil with their only demo from 1997. They, or more accurately he (yes, another solo project), changed name to Command and released more demos and an album between '99 and '04. Our man Herr Wolf is probably best known from Evil but also plays in Ritualmurder and Hammergoat which I'm personally not familiar with.

Ok, no doubts about the ideological direction on this one as a single look at the cover art tells and the intro, a typical march sample, verifies it. The three proper tracks that follow are all raw and quite short, especially as "Orgasm of War" devotes almost a third of its running time to, you probably guessed it, a Hitler sample. Pretty sure it's him. "Império Facista" has another sample, though that's not Adolf this time I think? Anyways, that leaves the song proper at same two minutes time as the previous one. Outro is a short hymnic sample. I like the sound, it's raw and cavernous, but not at all a mess. The second track "Ziklon-B" is easily best of the bunch, having most meat around the bones and no sample attached, followed by "Império..." which is enjoyably frantic and aggressive. I don't seem to remember if I've heard any Command material or not but better fix that, this is quite good! Recommended for people into raw (ns) black metal, provided you can stand the ol' samples. I know I could do without them.

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Little Raven kirjoitti...

Never heard of this, thanks! Command is pretty cool, got Sturmangriff on tape several years ago. I heard he's back with this project and will release a split this year.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...

@Petit Corbeau:

You're welcome and now that you mentioned it, and I mulled it over a bit more, I think I've also heard "Sturmangriff" some years back. Can't really remember much about it so better get reacquainted after I do a post for today.

Interesting that he's reviving the old name (which this essentially is) instead of continuing as Command. Wonder if there's some technical problem resuming operations under that monicker - or if the split will just be old material recycled?

ud kirjoitti...

Actually is COMMAND that is making a return!

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Alright, that makes more sense, thanks for the heads up!

Little Raven kirjoitti...

Haha so that's how it is after all. I'm glad anyway, it's been a long time.