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Martyrium - Live in Annaberg 20/11/1993

Martyrium - Live in Annaberg, Germany 20th November 1993
1) Enuma Elish
2) Lucifer Rising
3) Forgotten Spheres
4) A Living Ba
5) Under a Funeral Moon
6) Glory of the Raging Storm
7) Winds of Apocalypse

Mega / RGhost

It has been a while, again. But here we are and this is the post I meant to do before leaving for Steelfest last month but ran out of time. Better late than never and all that, Martyrium from Germania return with a live recording dating to late '93 courtesy of brother Grev's archives. Thank you as always! This was ripped by his comrade, edited by G and still further meddled by yours truly. I must warn you the sound quality remains quite poor. Of course there was no cover but I felt inspired to whip up a placeholder image as seen above. And below you see the other version which I was originally going to go with but reversing the colours ended up looking so neat I chose that for main image.

Original white version of the "cover"

Very cute images for sure but let's move onto music. Like I mentioned the sound quality is not the best among live bootlegs I've uploaded here but clean enough to hear and comprehend, at least. Six songs of their own and a Darkthrone cover performed and all appeared on their album and, with the exception of "Glory of the Raging Storm", also on the demo tapes. If you're unfamiliar with Martyrium, this recording might not be the best place to start with due the slightly challenging sound quality. It's not as bad as that '97 Horna live, but very echoing, kind of distant and at times messy affair. Very energetic performance though, with that world famous trademarked Martyrium percussion many envy and admire. Despite its flaws has that warped charm again and is recommended for fans of their other works.

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kingpossum kirjoitti...

Almost qualifies as experimental noise due to the "fidelity". I don't hear guitars: did/does Martyrium not use them? And if this is not the place to start with them, please suggest where that place would be.

Belated welcome back...

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Thanks and I'd say pick up the demos in order, that would be the most logical path. Or do like I did and listen first to their album and then the demos!

No, ignore that, best go with the demos first. The album sounds also quite... special so to say. There are guitars but the sound is just feeble it's super hard to comprehend what befalls!

More slightly oddball German black metal from same era, also with interesting performing skills and sound solutions would be the Dawnfall demo and first album. Highly recommended instead is everything by Tha-Norr, slightly later comer. I have various rips of the demo tape as well as an original copy. It should be easy enough to find but still I get antsy occasionally wanting to post it as it's one of my definite faves from the ol' days.

kingpossum kirjoitti...

Paljon kiitoksia. Tha-Norr sounds familiar, I'll check the hard drive to see if I have anything on them. I'll go your suggested route and do the demos first on Martyrium. This Martyrium, that is, as I discovered there's another one from Germany in addition to others from elsewhere around the globe.