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Martyrium - Live in Neumagen 17-12-1994

Martyrium - Live in Neumagen, Germany 17th December 1994
1) Intro / Forgotten Spheres
2) Atum's Speech
3) A Living Ba
4) Lucifer Rising
5) Glory of the Raging Storm
6) Into Midnight Silence
7) Winds of Apocalypse

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I missed the truly appropriate window to post this a week ago but better a bit later than to delay any more, as I got this live recording of the German Martyrium at the same time as the one I posted in June. Like the '93 show, this was ripped by brother Grev's associate and edited by me, with the assistance of sister Borderline in fixing the tracklisting. Thanks to all involved parties! Placeholder cover lazily edited from the one I made for the Annaberg live.

The set's duration is almost half an hour and as you see it differs a bit from the '93 one. Sound is also better though by no means polished. All instruments can be generally distinguished without much trouble, even if the busier moments can get somewhat messy. I don't really have a whole lot to say now, it's recommended for all who've enjoyed Martyrium releases so far and vastly easier to approach of the two live tapes.

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GREV kirjoitti...

Merry XXXmas and heavy Christmas to all mighty Asmodian Coven readers! Today we celebrate our Metal God Lemmy <3

Until we meet again in Hard Rock Heaven

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Yeah, happy Lemmy-day one and all!

Opiekacz kirjoitti...

Hi,do You have Nahual - Satanica Redencion ?

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


No, I don't have anything by them. They seem to have a lot of compilations out, maybe the demos are released on them?

kingpossum kirjoitti...

Happy New Year (a little early) to Velkaarn and contributors GREV, Emptiness Cycle, LKS and others whom I'm sure I've missed. Hearty gratitude for all your posts and wry commentary throughout 2016.

Kiitos paljon ja toivottaa teille hyvää terveyttä ja onnea ensi vuonna.

GREV kirjoitti...

Thanks to you also kingpossum! Very Heavy new year and keep on rotting in the free world for all Asmodian coven readers & contributors and of course our mighty Lord Velkaarn :D

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Thanks on behalf all fiends, evil spirits, necromancers, graverobbers, witches and others involved in the ceremonies, blessings on your path too next year milord! This year was a bit less abundant than some preceeding ones but such is life. One more to see this 2016 off!

kingpossum kirjoitti...

Velkaarn: okay I have an annoying request--possible to reup this one on something other than RGhost and 4Shared? I don't use the latter because of the sign-in requirement, and I keep getting the malware alert for the RGhost one. Never had a problem RGhost until now. Much ritual gratitude and calling on great spirits on your behalf should a repost manifest itself.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


You are in luck and the stars favour your request: I've uploaded this to Mediafire too. See the main post for the link. In a minute that is.

kingpossum kirjoitti...

Hearty thanks. Great spirits have been notified.

kingpossum kirjoitti...

The audio quality difference notwithstanding, comparing this recording to the the Annaberg 93 one, the band sounds like they were very consistent in their stage presentation during this time. And it sounds like it was a lot of fun...I'm imagining a lowly lit stage riser in a tiny club, perhaps the vocalist's face lit only by an upward pointed flashlight or something. Cool stuff from a terrific period in BM. Thanks for the post and re-post.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Good to read you enjoyed it, I like it myself (though no Darkthrone cover this time!) and the sound is much more comprehensible. I'm pretty sure one of these shows appeared in video tradelists back in the day too.

Draco Fenrirsson kirjoitti...

I have some of those items which you're searching for -

64) Thy (dk) - In the Darkness Forgotten by Life d'93
65) Cased (dk) - promo '93

Just been too busy to rip recently...

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


I had a hunch you might have them, considering that Danish comrade of yours! I was actually supposed to ask directly if you would have them but I might've forgotten to do that.

Borderline1991 kirjoitti...

Valkaarn, can you please let me know when you someday get Thy and Cased demos? You'll probably forget, I'll try to remember to remind you in some time again :)

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Young lady, are you implying I am some sort of absent-minded, befuddled old geezer? Well, you're not completely wrong with that so yeah, better remind me at some point in future.