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Vidvandre - Svanesang demo '95

Vidvandre - Svanesang demo 1995
1) Stålet som skjærer
2) Når spurvene danser
3) Trell
4) Svanesang

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How about a little bit mellower post? Not that the previous one would've been particularily vicious, mind you, but I need to write something to get myself out the door, on the path and eventually lost in the forest of digression. Which serves as a terrible way to get to the point; this is Vidvandre fra Stavanger, Norge and their one and (apparently) only demo "Svanesang" from 1995. An appropriate name if it indeed is their sole creation. I got a dub of this among other things from brother Grev already over two years ago but it took me this damn long to get off my ass and find more about the band, you see he had the band misspelled "Via Vandre" which produced zero results researching. Luckily my very meager skills in Norwegian language came in handy as I finally sat down to think what the band name really should be and bang, direct hit! Cover image was borrowed from Metal Archives, full scan would be neat.

Obviously reading of my revelation must be fascinating but some might prefer to discuss the music. Fine, three long songs and a shorter instrumental interlude of Norwegian folky doom metal, think bands like early Tristania, The Sins of Thy Beloved and fellow Stavangerites Dismal Euphony and Theatre of Tragedy. Actually, Frank Claessen (guitars) would actually later become a member of ToT. Pretty decent demo sound, though being a dub of a dub of a dub brings the inevitable wear and smudginess. National romantic melodies, melancholic and wistful moods, flutes and female vocal parts spicing up the soup. It's not bad at all (except the silly babbling bits in the last song, why did you do this), makes me wonder if I've actually read a review of the demo from a 'zine once upon a time, making yet another "note to self" to be eventually forgotten? Anyways, we found each other lost in the infinite woods, perhaps you will be drawn in as well. Recommended if you dig melodic death/doom.

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Halloween kirjoitti...

Something else I've wanted to hear for a while! Thanks!

Really wasn't expecting it to be folky. Much better than I thought it was going to be. Not sure why, but the artwork gave me the impression it'd be more sterile.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Yeah, the cover's image with the love child of Gollum and Wrath is really misleading!

GREV kirjoitti...

Hails brother Velkaarn!

I've almost forget this dub that I made for you :D
You're very welcome and thanks for correct information also. I'll update my archives asap

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

very nice!

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Heh, easy to forget when I move as quickly as I do! Thanks for the dub, again.

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

LOL, You've been holding out on us Velkaarn? This really is an unexpected gem, great stuff.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Better late than never, ain't it so? And not holding out on purpose, I plead laziness and forgetfulness! It's quite good, so I'm slightly ashamed I didn't get it done with earlier.