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Paymon - The Way of Knowledge demo '96

Paymon - The Map Way of Knowledge demo 1996
1) Intro
2) My Eternal Dream
3) Cauterized Soul
4) Scongiurazione a Diana
5) Christ's Death
6) Outro
7) Labyrinth der Einsamkeit

Mega / Rusfolder

Let's do something different from short Finnish rehearsal tapes for change... how about awkward, lo-fi German black metal/ambient? Yes! But only if it is at least album length with a strange and half-assed track division!! And boy, do we deliver. This is Paymon of Germania and their(/his?) only demo, "recorded in a Dirty Black Summer MDCCCCXCVI" as the cover states. Not exactly Danzig-influenced though. Well, maybe if one crossbred "Black Aria" with a mixture of old Mjölnir, Sorg and Siren, perhaps with a pinch of Fulgor thrown in for good measure. Nah, it's not really a good comparison. I've a scan of the charming xerox covers this time, both it and the rip again courtesy of brother LKS. Thank you! The probably inaccurate track division was my fault, I think... this has been sitting in Limbo waiting for quite a while already.

UPDATE: Damn it I thought the name was a bit odd and then finally had a good luck at the cover scan, tilted and what do you know, the accursed title is "The Way of Knowledge" not ...Map...!!! I should know better than trust Metal Archives' half-literate contributors, how can I be so blind?!? Reuploaded with the corrected title, so annoying!

The sound is quite low, both in volume and quality and as I've already hinted the music is kind of haphazard, lumbering slower stuff that I guess should be somewhat generously categorized into black metal. There are both short and loooong tracks but it's pretty hard to accurately say where one bit actually ends and next begins. I really need to get to bed soon so I think I'll stop my writeup here before it too wanders into the murky haze, not to be seen again. Certain parties will enjoy the display while others will add it to the list of obscure German crap best avoided. Have a listen and pick your side!

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Borderline1991 kirjoitti...

Okay, now this is just starting to get really weird. Lately, every time you make a new post, it's something I've been searching for for long time. And it's not because I have million of requests, I don't actually have that many titles on my wishlist.

First Demogorgon, then Blackthorn [by the way, check the price :) ], Triglav, then Moonrise and now Paymon! It is getting absurd but I'm not complaining, I'm very happy and extremely grateful. What's next? Eispalast (Ger)? Maybe Wind (Pol)? Covens (Fra)? Varagor (Pol)? Deletus (Gre)? Well I guess my luck has to run out at some point, so the next post you make will probably not be something I've been searching for.

LKS and Velkaarn, thank you.

Borderline1991 kirjoitti...

Nice. They actually have a song with my name in it. "Scongiurazione a Diana". Like you sharing stuff I've been after wasn't weird enough without it. All of this is very close to being on border with supernatural.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


You're welcome, we've always had common interests so perhaps it is not so surprising we've been looking for same items. :) My apologies but you should download it again (or correct manually) as I semi-blindly went with the incorrect M.A. title, ugh it's the ol'Bathord-phenomenon all over again and I should really know better by now!

awakening kirjoitti...

any chance of a repost?

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Not quite following you, both link work.