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Moonrise - Rehearsal Track '96

Moonrise - Rehearsal Track 1996
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RGhost / Yandex

Let's do another short instrumental rehearsal thingy from a Finnish band and this is also a partial fulfilment of sister Borderline's wish from spring '15. I finally found the single rehearsal track of Finnish Moonrise, which could rightfully be considered an Unhola sideproject I guess, we discussed in comment section for... Realm of Frost rehearsal track I think? I had no title for this and have not heard either the instrumental rehearsal '95 mentioned on the Archives nor the '96 promo so I can't say if this would be one of the tracks from either. Or actually the '95 recording itself for that matter.

Sound is very good, less bass-heavy than some of the Unhola material and it's more Norsecore than mid-90's typical Finnish. It sounds very familiar too, I thought for a moment that this might be a Burzum cover but nope, it's a bit different and faster than the track I was thinking about. Knowing the accursed cassette media it could run at wrong speed though. Oh well, anyways it's a brisk midpace song with an urgent drive to it and quite straightforward nature. Would really love to hear the '96 promo and see what variation of vocals Margoath used for this project.

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Borderline1991 kirjoitti...

How did you manage to get it, if I may ask? I mean, what I'm interested in is if person who helped you get this track has more Moonrise material? I guess not, you'd post it or mention it in review at least if you were able to get anything else from them. But maybe in the next couple of years you manage to find the rest of their demos or anything else from them. I really hope you will.

I really appreciate that you didn't forget about this request of mine, it's one of my most wanted bands I hope to hear while I'm alive. And the track isn't disappointing at all, yep the riffs are like one of Burzum's songs (Stemmen fra tårnet), but it still has the Unhola feeling that I love so much. Oh wow, you've made me so happy with this, even if it is just a short track. Thank you so much! :)

GREV kirjoitti...


Maybe title of this track is "At Gates of Mysticism"? I have one rehearsal track recorded 17/03/1996 and the running time is 5min45sec.

About promo... you know who to ask? ;)

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Well, this was actually old tape trading stuff, which is part of the reason it was so hard to dig up; it was dubbed on the end of a tape and naturally not written very visibly on the cassette sleeve, only at the very end of the tracklisting. :) And unfortunately it was the only item I had dubbed. But fear not, as brother Grev there implies at least another rehearsal track and the promo should be available for hearing in reasonably near future.


As you've probably noted by now this track is shorter so it's either a different one or indeed runs at very wrong speed! Anyways, I'll take you up on those items (and the second Anal Jesus demo, on top of my mind now), do you happen to have both ripped? If not, I could send you tapes.

Halloween kirjoitti...

Holy crap!! I've been after something from this band for years. Cheers, dude! Thanks a lot!

GREV kirjoitti...


OK. I must dub those Moonrise & Anal-Jesus stuff for you. Tape is not an problem. I have blank (or "blank") tapes still in my Grev's Dungeon of Death :D

I'm spending my Xmas holidays right now with my family, so I'll dub those stuff for you after holidays :)

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Excellent, as we see there certainly is want for that around! I'll get back to you about some tape filler then, I think the items mentioned so far barely make just over half of side A. Must scour the old comments to see what we were supposed to do "later" :D