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Dark Creation - Campaign in the Sign of Evil demo '98

Dark Creation - Campaign in the Sign of Evil demo I 1998
1) Dark Creation
2) Crosses Fire with Light
3) Sacrifice
4) Dark Horizon
5) Mighty, the Other Belief
6) Master of the Dark Eternity
7) Standing on the Steps of Hell
8) The Final Battle
9) Troops of Doom (Sepultura cover)

Yandex / RGhost

Right, we're yet again in Germany and this is one my random investments, Dark Creation and their first demo from '98 which was released by certain Iron Bonehead productions. I hadn't heard their second demo, just picked this on a whim from someone selling old tapes the other year. Cover scans are enclosed and according to them they play "witching metal" so it's safe to assume the band holds ancient Sodom in high esteem. The band, not the city.

As you can see from the tracklisting, this is an album length demo, roughly 38 minutes to be more precise. Sound is on the less-than-stellar, rough side and music is old school-ish brew of black METAL and thrash blending into traditional heavy, mostly moving in a moderate midtempo. As obligatory namedrops let's say it sounds a bit like a mix of Desaster (middle-era music with demo production) and Usurper (all eras). No, not that good really but it's a decent enough start for your imagination. Vocals mix rather poor death grunts and somewhat better harsh half-shriek/shouts. And if you enjoy shirtless, muscular men the cover pics deliver. I suppose that is enough for now, recommended if you're into this sort of ...thing. I really, really need to get some sleep.

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Borderline1991 kirjoitti...

Velkaarn, you never fail to make me laugh. There's nothing wrong with "shirtless, muscular men", it actually makes me think of Polish band Crepusculum. :)
As for the music, I have to say I'm really enjoying it. Pure old school black the way I like it.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


I am glad to be of service. Though I regret failing to mention the moustaches which are important!

Emptiness Cycle kirjoitti...

Oh come on, how can anyone mention shirtless muscular men without discussing Brazil's finest "Rudolf the Proud"? :D

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Master Rudolf is above casual discussion! Also his sovereign facial hair sits on highest of thrones!

GREV kirjoitti...

Brother Velkaarn...

Do you need DC's second demo? Anyway... thanks for this!

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Do you have a rip of that? I think I'd like to hear that one too, is it similar or faster? I see there's a Slayer cover.

GREV kirjoitti...

@Velkaarn. Yes I have. I need to check it out and send it to you

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Alright, thanks!