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Ancestral Goetia - We, the Tribute to Lust demo '94

Ancestral Goetia - We, the Tribute to Lust demo V 1994
1) The Celestial Prostitute
2) Banished Impurity
3) In Darkness I Shall Dwell
4) The Penitence of Illusion
5) The Unknown Circle of Lust
6) Beautiful Princess of Their Tears
7) Enchanting Lands of Perdition
8) Het Lustful Incest
9) Deathcrush

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As the last item of January I'd like to present a fruit of an international conspiracy, the fifth (and probably last) demo tape of the French cult Ancestral Goetia, making the uneven numbers fully represented at the Coven. An ancient entity who should not be named contributed the rip and it was divided unto tracks by sister Borderline's daemon familiar. Thank you to all parties involved! A cover scan would be smashing so please get in touch if you have it.

Ancestral Goetia demos II "Mortal Tears of Desolation" and IV "Satan's Jester" are still needed, feel free to contact the Coven for any clues to their whereabouts. Stregoica tapes remain in like obscurity and must be tracked down. Various rewards await successful explorers, treasure hunters, grave robbers and other adventurers. Rewards may be spiritual in nature.

Let us concetrate on what we have at hand, this tape is very likely the longest of the lot, reaching full album length easily. The Metal Archives entry listed ten tracks, last called Ein Reich, ein Volk, ein Necrodoom which is curious enough but it was not on the recording delivered unto me. Perhaps it wasn't supposed to be there anyways as it would (quite obviously) seem a better match for a Necrodoom title, which also starred Stregoica 'zine staff. Where was I? Yes, so this ends with the (extremely predictable) Mayhem cover. The sound is still cavernous and very necro though guitar and well everything really is a bit more prominent, stronger and generally audible. Unfortunately due the imperfection of the rip it frays a bit along the edge. Music is mostly in the same vein as the previous demos so it is safe to say if you enjoyed them you're going to dig this too. Tempos vary from the rather brisk pace of the opener to the wallowing murkiness of the short second track and there's heavy metal gallop and almost standstill dooom to be encountered later. As before some synth is used to warp the atmospheres even further and small amounts of female vocals have been added to spice the brew. Works surprisingly well as it's subtle enough, more of an eerie background element than a presentation of random girlfriend-of-the-week's singing "talent" so often encountered on demos. On the earlier entries I dropped names left and right but seemed to forget to compare this to the Dutch bands of the era, you know stuff like Malefic Oath, 13 Candles, old Occult, Bestial Summoning, Hordes, Deinonychus et cetera? I think Ancestral Goetia is closer to them and the old Swiss bands in style and sound than the Nordics, or Mediterraneans for that matter. There's food for thought, I'm off to gather some for the corpus. Recommended for maniacs into slow and poisonous, unhealthy sounds.

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kingpossum kirjoitti...

Good post and writeup, thanks. I really like what's going on here, though I'm at a loss to pinpoint why. Guitar tone is cool. Tempos are cool, vaguely doomy. Use of reverb is case. Vocals in the evil troll vein work well. Guitarist seems to be making it up as he goes along sometimes. All cool. Not sure it really needs to be as long as it is, but what the hey.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


It's oddly enjoyable, isn't it? I can't believe I forgot to mention the semi-improvised feel of the guitar on several songs, another throwback to Bestial Summoning if not even Abruptum (nah, not really) there!

Did you check out from the earlier January posts Forgotten Kadath? It's pretty groovy don't you agree?

kingpossum kirjoitti...

Haven't heard the Forgotten Kadeth yet. I'll catch up on that one.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Please do, you might like it. Or parts of it at least. Maybe Sanatorium too, it's not... typical death metal I guess.

kingpossum kirjoitti...

"Pretty groovy" works for Forgotten Kadath. Sounds like they were still mulling over just what exactly to put over the top of the tunes, which largely sound like basic tracks awaiting vocals and final production. Interesting in it's own way.

Agree the Sanatorium is not typical DM, since they go all Judas Priest on us in the second half. Not a bad thing to these ears. I can hear Mr. Halford's screaming wail over many of the tracks. Fire a few flashpots and voila, we have a heavy metal/death metal hybrid show. Works for me.