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Genocide #2

Genocide (Productions) Magazine, volume II (winter 1996)
A bit on Storm's "Nordavind" controversy
"When Knowledge Is Not Gnosis" by Abaaner
Faust article/interview (the German band)
"Symbols of Peace"
"Liber Secretvm" - Endura Newsletter winter 1994 - 1995
"Necronomicon Info" by Ryan Parker
"About the Necronomicon" by Jake Schwartz
"The Political and Racial Views of H.P. Lovecraft"
"Helter Skelter"
+ comics, flyers, reviews


I thought it was time for another 'zine post and it is again a fruit borne of conspiracy between brother Kurgan who donated this 'zine and me who scanned it. That came out a bit less grandiose than I intended. You probably recall I posted the scans of Genocide #3 sent by brother Wehrwolf in October '13? You don't?! Well, go have a look, I'll wait.

Done? Good, so this is the previous issue in the time-honoured Coven tradition of posting things in wrong order. Also made by Beastus Rex, or Karsten Hamre if you prefer, with a few things taken elsewhere and some items contributed. Only six usual interviews here, though the one with Varg saying Varg things is very long and the feature on the German band Faust (vintage avantgarde krautrock) which is probably taken from another unmentioned source probably counts as an interview too. Very scarce review segment in the end of the 'zine. Some of the articles are (surprisingly) long while others are more typical roughly one page (or less) featurettes. I was supposed to give the 'zine a quick glance-over before this writeup but ended up reading for way longer than intended so I guess that means this is an interesting and even absorbing read. Among highlights is more HPL for the old HPL fanboy, aforementioned Varg-talk, Nagash's white pride declaration and Karsten's shameless fanboying on the Moonspell intie. I don't know if it's the phase of the moon or what but I enjoyed this more than the third issue so it's recommended good times to be had reading.

I must mention that the text quality and readability is not consistent throughout, at times you have to squint a few Clints extra to be able to decipher the letters. Of course part of it is due my lazy, quick and dirty scancraft but much is due the item itself.

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