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Malitiae - My Inner Blasphemy promo '96 -REPOST-

Malitiae - My Inner Blasphemy promo 1996
1) Goathead (Intro)
2) Förintelsens tron
3) Baphometh

Mega / RGhost

Haven't I seen this before, you may ask? Justified, because last month I already posted the second Malitiae tape... or so we thought! Fortunately our Lord Azazel Djinn happened to visit and delivered an actual rip of "My Inner Blasphemy" promo and my reseach revealed the mistaken item to be half of the Demo I by L.A.D.'s other project Conjured to Baphometh! We remain uncertain how Ronan's mistake came to be, I wager he simply had ripped the wrong side of a cassette that had both. Anyways, everything was sorted out in the end so let's move onto the proper promo shall we?

The structure is similar to what we had before: an intro of almost two minutes, a slightly longer song and a bit shorter one. However, we're dealing with black metal instead of some form of ambient and there are vocals. Which make it easy to ascertain that this time we have the correct recording. Sound is fairly good and clear, despite the very low bitrate of the rip. I suppose it does not make a grand difference for this kind of a primitive recording. It's more obviously a continuation to "Azazel" demo but more coherent and less all over the place. Very rough comparison (and suitably impressive namedrop) would be old Absurd meets old Puissance ...and Woods of Infinity in general, W.o.I. definitely! Now that I listen to it without the initial shock I kind of enjoy it. Kiitos, Lord Azazel Djinn ja kaivetaan loputkin kalmot esiin joku kaunis päivä! Recommended. No, really!

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HKSO kirjoitti...

I am glad to see more people join in the choirs praising Malitiae. I remember being given a different tape with this project but somehow lost it over the years. A man that has done nothing wrong throughout his musical career. I suppose this had some influence on Woods of Infinity actually.

kingpossum kirjoitti...

Wow, hearty thanks to Lord Azazel Djinn and our illustrious host for sussing out the true nature of said post. Your shared persistence knows no bounds, much to the delight of the BM hordes. Haven't had a chance to A/B the two recordings yet but but look forward to doing so.

Does this mean the remaining half of the Conjured to Baphometh Demo I might appear at some time?

Lord Azazel Djinn kirjoitti...

Despite my evergrowing family, I also took the time to set this up:

Due to a move I haven't been able to find the goddamn covers, but I will at some point.

kingpossum kirjoitti...

I rather like the tracks that turned out to be from the Conjured to Baphometh demo. They remind me of soundtracks to silent films, especially Track 3. This Malitiae thing falls shorter for me due to the appearance of the hammering-the-roof-on-a-garden-shed drumming. But that was a prevalent style. Thanks again for the posts and sussing out the true origins of the recordings.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...

Gentlemen(?), apologies for taking this long to "moderate" the comments but I've had a fair bit on my mind recently.


Yeah, this one was oddly great and I enjoyed the 1st Conjured to Baphometh demo too that I had. Graciously L.A.D. has set up a bandcamp page for that which I will ASAP add to post links. While of course one can pick it up from the comments here that is easier.


I must apologize for sort of forcing you unto necromancy but then again isn't it nice to revisit youthful days again every now and then? :D Thanks for setting up the bandcamp, I won't post the rip I had for demo I now that it's obsolete but I think I'll make a separate post to just point people there. Haven't listened to the content yet but will do so shortly.


I sort of knew you'd like Conjured... and I urge you to check out the bandcamp page next! You've heard the Swedish Landscape demos, right? There's some similarity, don't you agree? I like this better of the two Malitiae recordings, repeat listen helping a lot again. Looking forward to the inevitable last rips by Lord A.D.