torstai 7. toukokuuta 2009

Thorny Wreath - Sacrilege Rehearsal/Demo 1993

Thorny Wreath - Sacrilege Rehearsal/Demo 1993
2) Torchspell
3) The Eve of the Ungodly Storm
4) Sanctified Warmongering
5) Satanic Friend Killer... Evilness...


Here's the other Thorny Wreath recording I mentioned earlier, the 1993 rehearsal demo that was not spread much. One of my tape traders recorded it to me in 1995 or so, and I was missing the last track (what a loss) - not sure if he had not included it, or had I moved it to another tape and screwed up? Whatever the reason was, I recently got the missing bit of this puzzle from Necrodesecrator so thanks to him!

So here we have the first four tracks ripped by me, ok quality and sounds like what you can expect from a rehearsal recording from 1993, and as mentioned above last joke track (their version of a well-known hymn) was supplied by N. and in good quality. The sound is actually very clear now that I listen to it while typing. Not much more to add really. - EDIT Oops it had a name too... REUPLOADED with the name added.

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