sunnuntai 31. toukokuuta 2009

Eclipse (fin) - Nocturnal Embrace Amidst The Frozen Heavens

Eclipse - Nocturnal Embrace Amidst The Frozen Heavens demo 1997
The Son Of The Morning Glow
2) Born In Ice
3) Thunderthrone
4) Black Delirium
5) A Cold Current To Eternity
6) Through The Steel Gates Of The North
7) Nocturnal Embrace


More melodic "black" metal, this time a two-man band from Finland and again using a unique, creative choice for a band name. There were only about dozen other Eclipses around that time. Oh well. What about the music you may ask? It's in quite typical post-1995 melodic style, more in the Old Man's Child/Dimmu Borgir vein of melodic than, say, Gorgoroth. Sound is quite clear and playing competent enough. Lyrical themes are a hodgepodge of themes, ranging from antichristian to Nordic themes to confused demonology to forlorn poetry. This isn't at all my cup of black coffee so I can't really recommend it. Try it out yourself, maybe it'll work for you.

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