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Prophecy (fra) - Gorsedd demo 1995

Prophecy (fra) - Gorsedd demo IV 1995
Ceremonial March of the Immortals (Intro)
2) A Great Day to Die
3) Transylvanian Oration (Prelude)
4) The Mountain of the Farthest Midnight
5) Primordial Quest
6) Funeral Poetry


This is one of the two thousand artists named "Prophecy" and this one is the Frenchmen who started with speed metal in the late 80's and evolved via death metal into this, their 4th demo presenting us with quite atmospheric (and very cliché-laden) pagan black metal. The theme seems to be mostly heathen, which makes one wonder why they had to include the "Transylvanian Oration" prelude there. Quasi-gothic spoken word passages have never been a big hit for me, especially when delivered with a thick, inappropriate accent. Oh well, if one looks past that, the rest of the demo is quite listenable if not exactly unique work of genius.

I got my copy by sending the band a tape around mid-1995, it appears they released one more demo in 1997 and probably then called it a day. I'm actually curious to hear that last demo too so leave me a note if you have it.

UPDATE: I have a copy of the "Jadis" demo but the sound quality is quite poor. However, I will post it anyway.

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Misfits kirjoitti...

Wow, I'm actually interested in hearing the rest of the band's demos. I've had this one for many years and really enjoyed it.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...

I agree, they would be interesting to hear, considering the considerably different early style. Unfortunately they weren't very keen on recording the old material back when I sent them the tape. Well, let the hunt continue!

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

Thanks for this tape!The first tape was more death metal. The third tape "Jadis" was more atmospheric/BM than this one. at last, it seems, they play pagan thrash, but they never released this album.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...

Thanks for your comment, appreciated! I've actually received "Jadis" a little while ago but at least that copy has a very poor, low sound. Do you know if that was the case with all the tapes?

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

So...I have "Jadis" in original demo tape, and I did'nt ear it since a long long time, but It seems, that in my memory, the sound is the same as "Gorsedd": audible.. Otherwise the first tape has an horrible sound

Velkaarn kirjoitti...

Hmm, thanks for the info. Now that I've listened to another tape from the same source I got "Jadis" from, it also has a poor sound. The bastard probably ripped me off with shit quality dubs.

Can you rip your tape?