sunnuntai 31. toukokuuta 2009

Fimbulwinter - Rehearsal 1991 (or 1992)

Fimbulwinter - Rehearsal 1991
The Watchtower
2) Buried In Ice I Died
3) Once I Lived On Lakes


Fimbulwinter was an early Norwegian band probably best known for featuring Skoll of Ulver, Ved Buens Ende & Arcturus on bass and Shagrath of Dimmu Borgir on lead guitar & keyboard. I got this rehearsal tape from a Norwegian friend of mine in late 1994 or so, I think, and he informed me that this was a 1991 rehearsal, not 1992 like Metal Archives says. I'm not really sure which one to trust here as he was usually a reliable source of information, but so is MA supposed to be as well - even though there are incorrect entries from time to time. So far I've gone by my friend's word and think this is 1991.

Enough babbling about the backgrounds, what does it sound like then? It sounds like very early 90's extreme metal does, old school influenced and a little murky. The sound is certainly audible enough for a rehearsal tape I think, a little bass heavy and Necronos' low vocal style adds to it. There is plenty of Celtic Frost vibe here. Note that the first two tracks differ a bit in sound from the last one, so they probably recorded this is two sessions. I like it. Recommended for old school metalheads, Norwegian metal enthusiastics, history-oriented Dimmu fans and other curious people. Death metal folks might like it too.

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