keskiviikko 10. kesäkuuta 2009

Chained And Desperate - Heliopolis promo 1997

Chained And Desperate - Heliopolis promo 1997
The Sign Of The Sun
2) Aten

Another tape from the Greeks and the ones who have visited their website might wonder why am I uploading this here since they provide a download of this and the previous tape "Oracles of the Neitherworld" - answer would be because that folder contains "Heliopolis" in wav format, I simply converted it into mp3, added the infos and packed up. So all the credit for the rip & stuff to Panos & co. Most unfortunately the download package they provided did not contain the "Oracles..." demo in full, it's missing "A Thousand Stars" and has "Dancing..." twice. I'll need to inform the band about it.

When I received this on tape back in the day it was from one of my traders and he didn't have the cover so no copy of that. Have to do with the not-too-good one from MA again. This tape contains two tracks of good pagan Greek metal, morea aggressive than the previous tape I posted and closer to the style of their album. Part of the difference might be due the session members Lethe (drums) and Merkaal (vocals), both from Order Of The Ebon Hand.

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