torstai 4. kesäkuuta 2009

Opacity - Universum aus Fleisch demo 1994

Opacity (ger) - Universum aus Fleisch demo 1994
Universum aus Fleisch
2) Die Erreichung von Harmonie
3) Armee der Psychopathen


German black metal was an expression dreaded by many in the 90's. I actually enjoyed quite a few Deutsche bands and still do, including this demo, which more correctly is dark metal due the lyrical content rather than black metal. This was a project by an Eminenz member if I remember right and a German friend of mine recorded it to me. He didn't copy the covers so the charming image from MA is used.

The sound is clear, somewhat mechanical sounding but that's mostly due to the drum machine which also gives a slight industrial vibe to the demo. There's some synth used as well, but it's not excessive. Vocals were done by Zwerg from Belmez & Eminenz. Somehow I like this more than I should, especially the first two tracks. See for yourself, it's not the greatest or most original demo around but enjoyable enough.

UPDATE: It appears like the project has resurrected and if I figured out correctly from their German MySpace this demo will be released on CD so the links are now obsolete! Get it on proper version on CD and forget my crappy rip!

UPDATE II: Well, it was released only on vinyl and limited to 111 copies, sold out so I restored the download link. Getting the vinyl is still a better option as it featured four new tracks.

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Panacea kirjoitti...

Wow! This demo is amazing! I was thinking about posting some Belmez stuff and i got bumped into this band.Now it would nice if we could find the bonus tracks from the vinyl version...
Thanx for this Velkaarn!

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Yeah, I'd really like a rip of that vinyl myself! Be sure to give me a heads up if you stumble across it somewhere.