keskiviikko 10. kesäkuuta 2009

Ecclesia Satani - Antichrist

Ecclesia Satani - Antichrist demo 1996 + promo track 1998
Only Satan Can Kill Your Soul...
2) Death Is Silence...
3) Schizophrenic Life... And God
4) The Evil Corner (Promo track 1998)


Some more less-known Polish black metal, "monumental black metal with NS ideology" as the cover advices us so you've been warned. I bought this tape from one of the various distros I used in the end of the 90's. I'm not sure if a version with only the 1996 demo exists or was it always released with the 1998 promo track "The Evil Corner" as bonus. Another uncertain thing is the titles of the tracks. Those used for track titles could just as well be excerpts from the lyrics printed on the covers or bits of phrases. I decided to take the same approach as the person who provided the MA info and pretended these are track titles.

Enough about that, how is the music you ask? Well, it is more orientated towards the atmospheric end but the demo 1996 part suffers from a bad sound quality and very murky production. The last track, 1998 recording, sounds much, much better. The first song actually has a lot in common with the depressive black metal sound popular these days. I guess the description "monumental" on the covers isn't too inaccurate.

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THE DECEASED kirjoitti...

Hell, I also owe this demo... You're right, the sound's really not the best - but this is definitely one of the DARKEST and most "satanic" (musically seen) stuff I ever had the pleasure to listen to!! All the organs and delayed vocals and overall noises, not to speak of that creepy doomy speed,... this is a total masterpiece in my opinion!!!