maanantai 15. kesäkuuta 2009

Tunrida - Astral Majesty demo 1997

Tunrida - Astral Majesty demo II 1997
Chapter I - Pathways To Cosmos Opened
2) Chapter II - The Calling
3) Chapter III - Astral Majesty Revealed


Melodic Finnish Satanic black metal here, Tunrida was one of the more promising bands around 1996-1997. I ordered their debut demo "Eternal Twilight" after hearing a song somewhere (radio? Metallilliitto?) and later of course this demo when it was released. Almost saw them live in Kuopio too. We just had the wrong date and came a day too late (I think).

Melodic stuff like said but not too "sweet" at all, with untypical, furious vocals. Good lyrics too. Me and most of my friends were very much into the demos but somehow the 1998 full-lenght album "Hierarchy" released by Solistitium failed to deliver. All these songs also appear there but these demo versions work better.

UPDATE: Seems like Tunrida's material is available for download at Mikseri (though I couldn't check it out as they were doing a maintenance when I tried) so you should probably go there. However I'm still keeping the link here in case someone needs scans of the covers. Thanks to Ossi for the info!

UPDATE II (Dec 2011): Looks like the old link had perished and as I had lost my original rip of this, I did it again and have uploaded the new, possibly better version to Mega & Media.

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Ossi kirjoitti...

By the way, the band have put their whole discography available for download at, including Astral Majesty. Your rip has a little "ballsier" sound, but also hissing that the stuff at Mikseri lacks.

I have never really got familiar with Tunrida, but considering that I like Cinatas' work in IC Rex a lot and that Tunrida also have connections to the great Flauros, I guess now would be the time.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...

That's good to know, thanks for the info Ossi! Well, that pretty much makes this obsolete, except for the cover scans if someone really needs 'em.