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Throes Of Dawn - Promo 1996

Throes Of Dawn - Pakkasherra Promo 1996 (a.k.a. Promo III 1996)
1) The Night Belongs To Us
2) Pakkasherra
3) My Eternity
4) Kaamos

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Another Throes Of Dawn tape, this one an official release by Woodcut Records. I'm not sure where I bought my copy, from Woodcut or another Finnish distro, but it's a nice and pro-looking tape. It's just a bit confusing, the printing on the cassette identifies it as "Throes Of Dawn Promo III/96" - I think the Enochian Crescent promo released around the same time was titled "Promo III" so could this be an error or some odd thing of theirs? Anyways, the cover print calls it "Pakkasherra" promo 1996 and I recall it was commonly called such everywhere so I picked that as the title. Long and almost pointless story there.

The four songs on this tape were recorded in two sessions, July and December 1995 and total of seven tracks were done, I read somewhere, leaves me wondering if they left the rest unreleased and where are they now? The first two were rerecorded on their debut album "Pakkasherra" released by Woodcut in 1997. The two unreleased ones are similar in style to the album material.

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