perjantai 21. elokuuta 2009

Cygnet Of Darkness - Endkrieg demo

Cygnet Of Darkness - Endkrieg demo 1995 or 1996
A Mighty Forest Sleeping on Snow and Ice (Intro)
2) Endkrieg
3) So sei es Krieg
4) Silence Has Fallen
5) Dark is the Sky
6) Outro


Time for some proper black metal. And with that I mean raw & underground stuff, this is the first demo of the German Cygnet Of Darkness, later renamed Witchbane, which again merged into another band or something like that. The rip presented here is another case of me working with an Xth generation dub of the tape, but the quality is listenable enough. Naturally no cover or xerox of one, so we'll make do with MA's (poor quality) one.

I don't know too much of the band, but one detail that originally caught my attention in 1997 or so when I got this was the Finnish phrase "jumala on kuollut!" ("god is dead" in English) uttered at the beginning of the last track (or second to last, can't be bothered to check now) so I was left wondering the nationality, with a mixture of English & German songtitles and lyrics, a sudden phrase of Finnish really sticks out. But that was then, the music works for me very well too, despite being hardly original it is enjoyable nordic-influenced black metal.

Another thing you will notice is the different track listing to Metal Archives'. I got the tape from one of my usually trusty sources then and the track listing provided was as above (sans "Outro", oddly enough) so that is what I used. However, I also included the intro+Endkrieg as single track for those who swear by MA's info. Naturally, if someone knows better (like has the actual tape) feel free to correct me. And preferably provide me with a cover scan. And a good rip of that tape too.

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Anonyymi kirjoitti...

Hi! The link is dead unfortunately, any chance of a re-upload?


Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Sure, it's a good demo. Wow, I can't believe this hasn't been reuploaded before this! Hmph, pearls to the swine. Anyways, doing it now.

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

Thank you very much, sir!