maanantai 31. elokuuta 2009

Demysh - Demo II 1999

Demysh - Demo II 1999
Devil's Arrival
2) Disgraced
3) Faces Of The Supreme
4) Vision: Nocturnal

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I was going to post and rip the demo I first but seems like I've misplaced the damn tape. Oh well, if I find it I'll do it later. However, here's the second effort of this Finnish less-known black metal band who split up some time after this release. I got both the 1998 released debut demo and this one at the same time from the band, I think I remember they mentioned having had some songs ready for a third demo as well, but don't think they never got them on recorded.

It's been a while since I last listened to these tapes and I've vague recollections that some aspect of the sound changed a bit between them. This one is sounds pretty much like a dozen other black metal demos from late 90s do, no synths here though and the drum sound is a bit more prominent than usual. Vocals are dry raspy sort and probably one of the most generic aspects here. I think I used to like the 1st demo better, so I better try to find it. This isn't bad but nothing really special either. For demo collectors, Finnish metal fans and black metal cultists.

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