perjantai 21. elokuuta 2009

Xantotol - Cult of the Black Pentagram demo 1993

Xantotol - Cult Of The Black Pentagram demo 1993
2) Fallen To Arise
3) Homo Galacticus
4) Devilish
5) Outro


Here is the second demo of a relatively unknown Polish black metal pioneer band Xantotol. I recently ripped the first two demos and decided to go ahead and post at least this one, the first one is not very good quality dub but this one I got from Witching Hour back in 1994 so it came out good. I'm aware that the Xantotol tapes have been remastered and released on CD by Seven Gates of Hell/Kampf in limited edition of 666 copies and they're probably running down to last copies so see if you can still grab one before it's too late.

Xantotol's black metal was quite different from their better-known countrymates, it was not influenced by the Scandinavian bands but was more in the older, orthodox style, resembling (in my opinion) old Samael, old Barathrum and some of the Greek bands even, like Necromantia or (old) Varathron. Very good stuff and recommended - be sure to see if you can still get the CD too!

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