tiistai 25. elokuuta 2009

Wintermoon (fin) - Rehearsal demo 1/1995

Wintermoon (Finland) - Rehearsal demo 1/1995
Under the Wintermoon
2) ...And Snow Covered Hills
3) Wind Through the Battle of Souls
4) Faunus
5) The Forest Calls Me (bonus track)


Here is a bit more obscure tape again, the first release by Finland's Wintermoon, not to be mixed with the Polish, German, Mexican et cetera ones.The band plays, as they put it, Dark Winter Music which means generally slower songs of dark/black metal reminiscent of Wanderer, the band they share a split CD released by Werewolf and also the source of me getting aware of this band. I was writing with Wanderer at the time and so came to get this tape one day. I think it was released in very limited quanities, after all it's basically just a rehearsal tape and most of the songs are very short and instrumental. Pretty good rehearsal sound though and the material is ok too. The last "bonus track" is the most complete of the bunch. Without further ado check it out or move along.

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Bosque Negro kirjoitti...

Thanks for this demo, awesome blogs Salve Sathanas. Bosque Negro from México's Wintermoon :)

Velkaarn kirjoitti...

@Bosque Negro:

Hails comrade, curious about the other bands of the same name? ;) I've been meaning to check out your band for quite a long time, maybe I'll remember to do it now that I read from you. Anyways, thanks for your comment & compliment!

Bosque Negro kirjoitti...

Yeah man, 👌👌 great blog¡¡¡