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Bifrost - Western Magick promo 1993

Bifrost - Western Magick promo 1993
1) Intro: 12 O'Clock
2) Fimbulwinter: A Tale Of Hate
3) My Ancestor, Now A Dark Woodspirit
4) Battlelord Odinn (Father Of Victories)
5) The Widdershins Jig (Skyclad cover)
6) Outro: Sword Of Orion


Something little different today, but not too far ideologically or really musically either from the generic fare of this blog: Bifrost from the Netherlands and their second (? - I think) tape from 1993, sent to me some time ago by Vaalkoth. Thanks! Bifrost played a quite unusual sort of pagan thrash metal, with probably closest references being Sabbat (UK) and Skyclad. As the cover art might tell to more enlightened readers, Bifrost was connected with Bælder. Personally I always thought of Bifrost as "that Guido's band" (see these Hordes posts) and to be honest never really listened to them that much as I preferred the more obviously black metal members of Holland's peculiar scene. I've no proper scan of the covers, just the Metal Archives image and a pic Vaalkoth took with his camera of the cover which unfortunately isn't very clear.

UPDATE: Full cover scan sent by Fenrirsson, thanks once again! Depositfiles upload updated with it.
UPDATE II: Ignore the second line above, I've reuploaded it with the scan.

All of the band's three proper own tracks appeared on their debut album "Pagan Reality" so if you have heard it you basically know what to expect, though of course this being a demo recording the sound is different. Not bad at all, in a twisted way it sounds better than I remember the album doing - raw and barbaric, unrefined and "alive". The vocals are mostly either a brutal yell, slightly effected, sounding both crude and convincing or an almost narrated style which reveals the vocalist's limitations as a singer, though he does a bit of "clean" singing as well, thankfully choosing not to dwell too long on it. I'm not really sure to whom I'd recommend this, but give it a try if you got curious, maybe its rough charm will work on you.

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Unknown kirjoitti...

Got the cover for this one too I think, I'll check the dungeon tomorrow. I remember it being remarkably UN-spectacular though, even in comparison to the milieu of the time.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...

Thanks. I should really just ask you before I post anything without cover! As always, the assistance is welcome and appreciated.

Unknown kirjoitti...

Had a bit of a dig on the dungeon and even found the master copy of my 'zine from 2000 as well which I was sure I destroyed... It's pretty shit, but if you're interested, let me know.

- Fenrirsson

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


I'm always interested in reading old 'zines so if you're willing to share, I'm willing to take.

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

Thanks for continuing the greatest blog around. Any chance you have Dzelzs Vilks - 'Mirušās kaijas' sitting on a shelf?

Velkaarn kirjoitti...

Thanks for the comment & support. Sorry I don't have that one, but I'll see if any of my comrades would have that one. The rest of their discography is probably not my shot of vodka...