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Muspellsheim - Sør for Ginnungagap demo 1997

Muspellsheim - Sør for Ginnungagap demo II 1997
1) Misantrop
2) Fullmånens Besettelse
3) Glemt og Forlatt
4) Svartedauens Mysterier

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As a follow up to a last month's post, here is the second demo of the Norwegian black metallers Muspellsheim. For more on the band, see the older post. I got this one from a tape trader contact and did not get a copy of the covers so once again a M.A. image and request for scans if you have them. Notice how the M.A. pic looks like it was from a CD? Maybe they released this as CDr, I don't know.

Musically this continues directly from the first demo and soundwise it is also very similar, unfortunately being a dub of unknown generation the end result is slightly murky and the tape wear is audible in a few places. Not really bad though. I case you're too much of a lazy dick to read the old post I suppose I have to say something about the music here as well: melodic black metal fra Norge with a more full, deeper sound than usual, some synth backing and Norse/Viking moods yet not sounding directly like a Viking or folk metal band. Ok, maybe a little more here than on the first demo. They've actually re-recorded one track from the first demo here again, "Glemt og Forlatt", the version here being a little shorter but not much faster, at least from what I can make out. The last track is interesting with the vocals distant in the background, sounding like warped half-clean singing, versus the intense riffing on the foreground. I want to hear their more recent releases too. Check this out if you enjoyed the first demo.

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Panacea kirjoitti...

My only objection goes to the vocals.I don't know if it is the same guy as in the first demo but here the vocals seems a little bit "buried" under the production.That's a pity because the first demo had some great vocals.Again a very good second demo musically.Two down, two to go! :-)

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Yeah I agree the vocals have taken more of a backseat this time and wouldn't mind if they were more prominent. Overall the sound is not suffering so much from dubbing that it'd matter in that case.

I found a link to the last demo and a dead one for the 3rd so getting close with them.

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

Your blog is so good I have found so much good music on here. Thank you!

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Thanks for the comment & you're welcome! Be sure to check the old posts.