torstai 23. elokuuta 2012

Minas Morgul - Demo 1996

Minas Morgul (gre) - Demo 1996
1) Intro - Valley of the Vaulted Tombs
2) Dark Realms
3) Lusting for Salvation


Another tape traded item today, this one from Greece and for change I had a copy of the xeroxed cover so a scan is enclosed. One of the many bands to pick the same monicker, the Greeks here released this demo and then either changed name or vanished into obscurity.

The demo features a pretty bad sound, some of which may be blamed on being an unknown generation dub but surely not all. The sound is muffled and murky, wavering from left to right every now and then, drum machine handles the percussion - it is quite obvious but not of the worst sort. Overall it sounds very, very Greek and though it's nothing original I've always enjoyed the Greek sound of the first half of 90's. The intro bit has a very different sound to the rest of the demo so I'm guessing they just borrowed it from somewhere, which was very typical at the time and the first short track "Dark Realms" is an instrumental which feels a bit like another intro before the main course, third and only "proper" track. There were many, many short demos and promos like this recorded in Greece around mid-90's, I wonder what was up with that? Anyways, vocals are pretty good black metal shrieks, I like many of the guitar bits and the sound isn't that bad so I suppose this ends up positive. Check it out if you're into 90's Greek bm or just need to hear everything I post here.

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