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Demise - Demise demo 1993

Demise (nz) - Demise demo II 1993
1) Those to Perish
2) As Seen Through the Eyes of Faith
3) Divine Possession
4) It's a Wondeful Life
5) Temptation

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Master Fenrirsson has been raiding the dungeon recently with fervour and unearthed several relics of NZ death metal as already demonstrated by the previous post. Here's another one and once again not to be mixed with various other bands using the same monicker, Demise from Christchurch play straight old death metal and this is their 2nd demo though Metal Archives lists it as an EP. Demo or Cass.EP, cover scan is included.

The demo opens with a dark intro piece which changes then into the first track which is a rather speedy affair with undeniable catchiness to it. Unfortunately, the sound is quite poor due to the very low volume and has a certain booming muddiness to it. The following tracks follow in the same vein. Shame about the sound issue, this would be very enjoyable were it a little more audible. Still, certainly worth a listen to death metal enthusiasts.

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Chris Rigby kirjoitti...

This is the demo Demise did before the 1993 s/t demo. Would you like to host this as an actual download? If so I can give you access to the Wav files. My software will only convert to 192 mp3, so you might want to convert to 320 before uploading. message me here or email subcide at gmail dot com

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Thanks for the offer and certainly I would like the honour. Please send me a mail to the address on the sidebar and we'll get it done. Wav files are of course fine!