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Vornat - Gjotnejm demo 1996

Vornat - Gjotnejm demo II 1996
1) Prelude for Hate
2) Into the Nightly Sky
3) Sword of a Thousand Funerals
4) Grim


Breath of Pestilence

The second Vornat demo, courtesy of unholydeath like mentioned in the previous post. Thank you! With cover scan included again and a vastly superior rip compared to the 128 kbps version that's been around since forever.

For this demo Vornat had diminished down to two men, though the bassist Behemoth was already written over as ex-member on the 1st demo cover (at least on some copies) and the previous vocalist Ahriman had also left sometime earlier the same year and he would follow the freezing moon next year. Remaining members Shadow and Thauknifur share the vocals here to a good effect and have managed to improve on just about all fields; the raw sound has more power, the songs are more memorable and so on. Some synths are used to tasteful effect. Enough typing, have a listen yourself.

UPDATE: Breath of Pestilence has released a remastered version of this, demo '94 and '02 sessions on CD, I've added a link up there and very much recommend getting that one. There's also a double vinyl version by Darker Than Black if you must have kvlt vynil. I would recommend the CD version anyways, I was told the mastering is better on that. Naturally you could go for both.

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neblodzin kirjoitti...

Oh the joy! As you stated, especially this rip sounds so much better than the one I've listened to, probably the same as yours and everyone else's then. So new and refreshing... thank you.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Yeah, it's a 100% improvement! Thought you'd like it.

I have the 2002 session too but not so sure about the quality, last time I checked the last track seemed to be partially screwed up on it.

Rhun kirjoitti...

Thanks to you and unholydeath for sharing this demo, it's solidly great black metal. The varied song structures and the vocals are a big draw here - the shrieks from Shadow and Thaukhnifur sound much more distinct and powerful than the vocalist they had on their first demo.

If you didn't know, all of Vornat's material have been re-released on a comp CD at Breath of Pestilence:

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Oh yes, I've certainly been aware of that, it's one of the items I've been listening to most recently. Especially the promo 2002 tracks of which I earlier had only shitty rips. More like I've forgotten I had the demos here! Must link to BoP and add a mention. Plus of the DTB vinyl for people into those.

The first demo has good moments too but the production drowns details out and yeah, the vocals are much more generic.