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Vornat - The Flame of Satan demo 1994

Vornat - The Flame of Satan demo I 1994
1) Korppi
2) Azagthoth
3) Self-Mayhem
4) The Flame of Satan
5) The Eighteenth Key


Breath of Pestilence

More Finnish black metal and an item I know well has been around the inter nets for some time but I was recently sent rips of both Vornat demos by comrade unholydeath and as his rips were strictly superior to the ones that have been floating about I decided I'd post them here in the Coven. Not to mention Vornat is good stuff and worth the attention. There have been plans to release a compilation with all (? not sure about this) their material so far so look forward to that if it ever becomes reality. Includes a cover scan.

UPDATE: The compilation came through and was released late '16 by Breath of Pestilence. It has a remastered version of this, demo '95 and '02 sessions, I've added a link above and very much recommend getting it. There's also a double vinyl version by Darker Than Black if you must have kvlt vynil. I would recommend the CD version anyways, I was told the mastering is better on that.

I remember this debut demo gaining quite harsh critique in the 'zines at the time and not having been very impressed by it upon first listen - an opinion possibly influenced by all the bad press. Now that I listen to it, I still agree the sound leaves certainly something to be desired but apparently I'm too jaded by now as I can't call it bad. It's most certainly a demo recording, you can tell that right off the start, a little on the murky side but decent enough to be able make out all the instruments (yes, even the bass can be heard). Ahriman's (who killed himself in 1997) vocals are quite basic black metal screams though they too have a semi-hysteric, urgent edge to them which would be more prominent on the second demo where the remaining two members would share the vocal duties. Very much influenced by their Norwegian peers it's not a celebration of originality but that's hardly an issue for me. I'd compare this to older Horna material. Recommended listening if you're into 90's black metal.

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