torstai 6. syyskuuta 2012

Haemorrhage - ...The Extended Punishment demo 1993

Haemorrhage (nz) - ...The Extended Punishment demo 1993
1) Greasy Faeces
2) Chopping Spree
3) Raising the Dead
4) Fear of the Unknown
5) Infernal Bleeding
6) Grey Matter
7) Rotting Away

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Something different again today, here's a demo of NZ death/grind Haemorrhage, not to be mixed with the Polish one or the still (very) active Spanish goregrinders, courtesy of brother Fenrirsson. Thanks! If you remember the Epitaph compilation I posted, they were also featured on that one. Cover scan included and ripped by F from an original tape.

I am not familiar with the other Haemorrhages out there but this one plays filthy, gory and quite brutal death metal, not particulary fast but still with some fast moments tossed in. The sound takes a bit away from the potential heaviness of the music as it's a bit murky, rehearsal-like and especially in the beginning dominated by the strongly effected vocals. This is a bit uneven and varies from track to track as does the amount of effects. I personally like best the approach on the cavernous-sounding third track "Raising the Dead" where the lyrical approach is probably also less silly than what I could make out of the first track. And the following, doom-paced "Fear of the Unknown" where the effects have been skipped altogether. Well, gore death metal has never been my interest in the first place, metal of death is Serious Business at the Coven. It's a bit of a mixed bag with the sillier first tracks and then improving for the rest of it. Check it out if you're into death metal!

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