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Dol Guldur - Universal Funeral demo 1998

Dol Guldur (fin) - Universal Funeral demo I 1998
1) Stone Tomb Cry / Veil of Winter
2) Universal Funeral
3) Opus Diaboli
4) Devil's Chamber

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Black metal and something I bet just about no-one reading this has ever heard, here's the first and probably only demo of Finnish Dol Guldur. I got a dub of this from a girl who was involved with the band, she dubbed it on a tape and wrote besides the tracklisting this info:
Summoned in Tower of Wizards
Published by Haunted Visions
All songs written by Sir Apocalypse
Produced by Dol Guldur
Additional female vocals by Serene
I don't know if they actually made covers for this, or where and how much copies were spread. Anyways, it was a couple of young guys and this chick and they made this tape back in 1998.

So how is it like? It's crude, raw and kind of sloppy, with a rehearsal sound that features strange and horrible drum sound. I'm not sure if it's a real drum that they've "produced" to something bizarre or some kind of computer thingy. Worst is that it sounds odd and awful only part of the time, at what should be toms I guess. If you can ignore that, the overall sound is quite necro but certainly bearable. As usual, the guitar is quite weak and buried beneath almost everything else. Vocals are surprisingly ok, though they slip to silliness at times. Raspy croaks for the most part, though some (effect-produced) growly bits are included as well as some spoken parts which are thankfully mostly inaudible. The female vocals mentioned above consist of equally buried short spoken bit and a way too audible (as in on top of everything else) scream in "Opus Diaboli" which is a bit more ambitious track overall with various vocal styles employed by the main vocalist too. Which range from pretty cool to totally unnecessary. Last track is a keyboard instrumental, could pass for dungeon synth actually. It is painfully obvious that this is a product of young people more eager than capable but hey, wasn't that the same with a bunch of kids in early 90's too? Not to mention the 80's. Though I should be hung if I would compare this to "Wrath of the Tyrant" or "Triumph of Death". Charming like a young animal barely standing on its wobbly legs but hardly an essential listen. Of course you'll end up listening to it, you're too curious not to.

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kingpossum kirjoitti...

You've really done it this time, Velkaarn. That's some youthful enthusiasm going on there all right.

That drum sound thing is just bizarre enough to nearly qualify as "innovative". (I said nearly.)

The synth-drenched Track 4 is actually pretty well conceived and rendered.

All in all a very strange ride, which is one reason I dig checking in with the Coven.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


There are even stranger things in my vault but I hesitate to post them as they contain even more youthful enthusiasm and may cause earbleed. But perhaps one day, I know some of late Nocturne's projects might amuse you and perhaps some others.

I like the synth track myself, too!

GREV kirjoitti...

Thanks brother for this upload!

I have read something in somewhere about this band... not sure where, but I'll remember that name what I'm looking for years ago (sometimes before internet?)

So, thanks a lot, even thought drum sounds sucked too hard (mostly in first track). But the fourth track is "savior" if listener don't like "froggy style (vocals) unholytruechurchburningwhatsofuckineverBM. I must say that's the piece of obscure treasures what you have offer to our \m/

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Maybe you saw the name on a trading list, or perhaps a review? Or even a distro list, though a trading list I think most likely. Anyways, you're welcome!

GREV kirjoitti...


Perhaps you're right. I'm "old fart" what comes at Finland's UG-scene ;)