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Vålnad Ur Rymd - Rehearsal 1995

Vålnad Ur Rymd - Rehearsal I 1995
1) Där järn bröt bygd, hat visar väg mot död


I guess it's about time I show signs of life here, been busy with stuff and recently also attending and recovering from Black Flames of Blasphemy III which was good times. But back to the post, here's another obscure thing unearthed by brother Grev from his vaults. Thank you! Vålnad Ur Rymd was (is?) a black metal band, or probably really more like a project, from Sweden and featured Steril Vwreede, Kheeroth, Zathanel and Thorn, people known from Near Dark Productions and the bands Blot Mine, Midvinter, Sorhin, (ex-)Setherial and whatever else. But as far as I've understood, this was mainly Vwreede's thing. This one track rehearsal was dubbed to some of the guys' contacts and thus had no cover. I just made up one again.

How does it sound? Like raw early-to-mid 90's Swedish black metal, with some melodies of course to it but nothing sickly sweet. Think about stuff like early Setherial, Sorhin, Nauthis or Octinomos. Nothing fancy to it, fast paced and primitive death worshipping black metal. If you're looking for originality you'll probably be dissappointed, but I like it. I know Grev has another rehearsal track which I'm going to leech off him but any further material would be greatly appreciated. I read there should be enough material for at least a demo but I don't think one has been recorded. I'd be glad to be proven wrong there but for now listen to this.

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kingpossum kirjoitti...

Cool. The opening salvo sounds like early Motorhead, before diving into BM land. The Motorhead thing comes back in at times to my ear, not a bad thing.

Thanks Mssrs Grev and Velkaarn.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


That's an interesting comparison, hadn't thought about it. Thanks for the comment and food for thought!

GREV kirjoitti...

You're welcome Velkaarn und Kingpossum! Keep the black flame burning ;)

supah kirjoitti...

can you re-up it please?

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Sure, done now.