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Svartsyn - Aandens melankoli MLP 1996

Svartsyn (nor) - Aandens melankoli MLP 1996
1) Forhekset av nordlyset
2) Den monumentale horde
3) Mektighetens herskere
4) Outro

Narod / Deposit

This is another repost. I try to keep these to minimum but in this case there was a very good reason to do it like this. Please bear with me and definitely download this now and discard the original version!

It appears I was right with my hesitation back in February 2011 when I first posted Svartsyn's mini here. The dub I had was incomplete, but even worse than thought. It was missing both "Forhekset av nordlyset" which is an intro type track but over four minutes and an unmentioned and -titled outro on B-side. That is around eight minutes of material! Fortunately I have now gotten a dub of the actual vinyl from comrade Kurgan and ripped it - the end result being both better (though a little tape wear may be heard in places) than before and foremost complete. Apologies once again to people who already have downloaded this, the really annoying side of the tape trading thing was the occasional sloppy individuals who's botch the dubs, not bothering to mention something was missing etc. But better to have it fixed late than never I suppose. See on the right an image of the MLP back cover, with the tracklisting (missing the outro).

What was said of the music applies still, though of course I guess I could say something about the intro and outro that were missing. Well, the intro is gloomy, desolate and atmospheric, consisting of synths, effects and spoken words. It works and doesn't feel too long despite being just over four minutes. The outro is a sullen instrumental piece which is very nice. That's enough, get it already. A half an hour of gloom and doom that fits the season.

UPDATE: I should've really added a mention of it here, but since the initial post back in '12 there has been an unofficial (read: bootleg) CD re-release of this on Burznazg which various sources have informed me to be quite poor and an official, devoutly remastered vinyl re-release on Gnarled Records which is excellent. Comrade Rhun sent me a rip of his copy which I decided against uploading here as it would be piracy and I get seasick quite easily. If you have a vinyl player and a preference for the format I recommend ordering a copy, it is reasonably priced and still available. This of course will not do much for those of us lacking one. Rejoice! Steffen of Gnarled got in touch with me and informed me they did a CD master but decided against an actual CD release for various reasons. However, he has made that version available, you may either grab it from the label website or from my yet another repost on this.

I decided to let this version stay too as it is made from the original vinyl version and differs from the remastered edition, obviously.

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Anonyymi kirjoitti...

Apologies for the tape wear - here, where I live, it is virtually impossible to purchase a new tape at the moment. Nobody seems to use tapes any more. Really sad situation.

I had to browse through my antediluvian tape collection to find a relatively reliable one to make a dub for Velkaarn. I know the tape is ancient and not in a perfect condition, but that was the best I could come up with. Hope for everyone's understanding...

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Oh don't worry about that, it shows only in maybe two or three places and the end result is anyways much better than the previous, unknown generation rip! Those things are just unavoidable and I'm certain people reading this blog don't mind little imperfections. Thanks again for the dub!

kingpossum kirjoitti...

Where can I send tapes? Happy to supply for the energy you all put into this thing.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


If you really feel so, please use the email on the site. I'm drinking now so I'm not of much use at the moment; I'll probably get back at blogging around sunday.

kingpossum kirjoitti...


I'll follow up via email. I'm extending International Stout Day into the weekend myself, so we'll see how that comes out later...


Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Cheers, it took me good 15 minutes to realize it's morning not evening right now. How the fuck I'm going to survive the upcoming weekend with Black Flames of Blasphemy III is beyond me.

I guess I better get back to sleep.

kingpossum kirjoitti...

Belated thanks to Mssrs. Kurgan and Velkaarn for the followup on this one. The intro and outro are essential and make for great theatre.

You're right Velkaarn, the intro goes by in what seems like much less than four minutes. Maybe this is the first musical recording to feature a time warp?

Great post.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Thanks for the comment, glad you enjoyed it! Yes, I agree it needs the intro and outro now that I've compared it to the incomplete version.

Though I think the second "proper" track would be better were it a little shorter.

Time warp? Well, I've encountered them before and usually almost always when I was supposed to listen just one more song and get going somewhere.

Rhun kirjoitti...

Thanks for uploading this years ago, an excellent EP for a cold winter day. Gnarled Records have officially reissued and remastered this now, and it sounds amazing. Already picked it up from NWN.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Really? Well it was about damn time! I hope it's not one of these fashionable vinyl-only re-releases though. Anyways, thanks for the comment & info!

Rhun kirjoitti...

Unfortunately, it's a vinyl-only release so far, although the label has mentioned working with the band to possibly release it on CD. I always prefer CD's, but I'm lucky I've got a vinyl player for releases like this.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


I don't have one so I am hoping for a CD release. Noticed that there was an unofficial one done back in 2014, apparently remastered too. Wonder if it's the same remaster in both? I might get that one if they don't get off their ass at Gnarled.

Rhun kirjoitti...

Don't have that CD, but I've heard a sample of it on Soundcloud and it sounds like crap compared to the official reissue. Too brickwalled.

If an official CD release never happens, I can rip my vinyl and send MP3's your way.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Ok, thanks for the warning! Not going to go for that one then. Let's wait and see what they do and if the CD release doesn't happen I'll be happy with your rip then.