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Let Me Dream - The Maze demo 1996

Let Me Dream - The Maze demo 1996
1) The Maze
2) My Doom
3) The Spear in Your Hand
4) Wolfborn

Mediafire / Narod

Time to post something else than black metal for change. This one is still metal, though narrowly. Let Me Dream, previously known as Congestion, played gothic doom metal, though I guess around the time of this demo the sound went much further into the gothic territory and very little doom metal remains. I remember I used to like one of the tracks on Congestion's "Bed of the Ancient River" demo quite a bit and was to some degree into gothic so I was interested in this band as well. Now that I listen to this demo I can't say I'd be that enthusiastic. Ripped from an original copy, cover scan enclosed.

Like I sort of established above, this is musically more like gothic rock forced into metal mould than gothic doom or other gothic ___ metal combinations. The demo has a pretty good sound while sounding kind of weak. It's clear, with vocals on top and everything else audible but would suit pure gothic rock much better than metallic version. The main vocal is a clean voice, familiar from what they already used as Congestion and, of course, it's bordering on cringe-worthy and listenable. Sort of mix between Fenriz on "Vinterskugge" and the guy from The Equinox ov the Gods. TEotG would be a comparable band from the ones posted on this blog except that they're much heavier. The vocalist uses also a half growl half croak in addition to the clean singing which is okay but sounds first kind of odd over the goth. Repeat listens actually make me appreciate it on the 2nd song.

It's a little hard to say in the end what I think about this, at first I hated it, then it sounded kind of ok, then again utterly horrible, then this bit was great and this ok... well, you get the picture. My comrade SuuretMuinaiset absolutely hates gothic metal so I assume he won't stand this either but the rest of you feel free to give it a try if you're not allergic to genres and artists mentioned. Oh I suppose I should mention Let Me Dream has also a 1999 EP also called "The Maze" but with different content.

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kingpossum kirjoitti...

A Canterbury Sisters of Mercy? I'm going with utterly horrible.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Oh you tried it already? Well, to get the maximum effect out of it, try again after a few hours and immediately repeat.

GREV kirjoitti...

Hehehee... I know guys behind Let Me Dream... actually in 1993 when they searching new vocalist I visited on their rehearsalroom in Oitti...

If you Velkaarn need something more from LMD or Congestion days, I have something that you might be intrest.

Last words goes to the memory of their drummer Janne Peltoranta who died earlier on this year. R.I.P. brother

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Thanks for the offer bro, I'll need to send you some requests soon anyways. I might need some Congestion stuff I haven't heard.

GREV kirjoitti...

You and you're requests are more than welcome bro!

kingpossum kirjoitti...

OK gents I've tried valiantly and followed Sir Velkaarn's instruction with the repeat listens...but Bauhaus (with support from Gollum) masquerading as Black Metal isn't tripping the yippy switch here.

Let's see if we have better luck with Congestion, shall we?

Many thanks,

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Heh, you shouldn't really overdo it, it might be hazardous for your mental health! :D But your efforts are appreciated, very dedicated.

I've only the Congestion demo I mentioned above, it should be pretty easy to find online too. Let me know if you need it. I'll probably get some more from Grev when I've had a look through his list again.

GREV kirjoitti...

KP: Well, Cpngestion is more Celtic Frost oriented death metal... you might like it?

Velkaarn: I have following Congestion titles on my archives.

Promo 1, 1992
Studio Reh. 9.10.92
The Third Dimension - Demo 2, 1992
Reh. 22.2.93
Bed of the ancient river - Demo 3, 1993
Live 7.5.94 at Lutakko
Promo 4, 1994

Also I have something special from LMD...

kingpossum kirjoitti...

@Grev: Yes, the Celtic Frost reference is intriguing.