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Sanctimonious - Demo 2001

Sanctimonious - Demo '01
1) Dark Fantasies
2) Susi
3) Arkham Asylum
4) I Love the Night

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Another month has begun and the Coven takes another misstep to the 21st century with today's post. Debut demo of the Finnish band Sanctimonious, released on CD-R and handed to me at Nummirock festival either 2001 or 2002, can't remember for sure. Probably 2001. Ripped from the disc and scans of the covers included.

Santimonious played melodic black metal based material which they probably wanted to call black metal but I don't think that's happening, though I'll agree with dark metal. The lyrical content deals with, track by track:
1) sex, erotic fantasies etc..
2) wolves (supposedly valid black metal topic)
3) Lovecraftian tales (not Batman related then which might dissappoint some)
4) exactly what it says, love of the night (kind of valid, think "Opus Nocturne")
See, black metal-lite, quite typical of the later 90's and early 00's. Musicwise it's competent enough if nothing too impressive. Like I said, melodic stuff, somewhere in the borderlands of melodeath and black metal, pretty fast with some slower bits. Quite amateurish but unannoying vocals get their job done, not so sure of the supporting grunts but they're not too awful either. Overall quite average demo of the era, not bad but not my thing either. I guess some of the readers might find it more amusing than I do.

The band recorded a promo in 2003, which can be downloaded for free on the page and has since then been inactive, as far as I know. Have a listen if you enjoy melodic black metal of not exactly very black variety.

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Dark Grey Metal, if not Black?

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Well, just look at the cover art!