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Cradle Of Filth - Rehearsal 11.01.1993

Cradle Of Filth - Rehearsal, 11.01.1993
1) Unbridled at Dusk
2) The Black Goddess Rises
3) The Raping of Faith
4) This Fetid Dank Oasis

Depositfiles / Yandex

Another rehearsal today, this is one of the items sent me by comrade Ruptured Souls a little while ago. I am sure you've heard of Cradle Of Filth and should not be very surprised to encounter them here, yet once again. Some of you also know that COF started out as a death metal band (stop to think about the band name for a while, won't you?) before becoming a black metal band and later extreme gothic metal or however you might wish to refer to their later style. This recording, like the third demo, is already in black metal field while still having quite a few death metal touches, as well as nuances from the members' past punk endeauvors, which would still be quite audible on their debut album as well. Quite good and clear enough rehearsal sound, with pleasant roughness around the edges as it should have. There is already a notable keyboard presence here, nothing overwhelming though. There was no real cover art for this, it was as far as I can guess just dubbed to people on ordinary tapes, I used the old logo as it seemed to fit better here.

As you notice, there are four songs, three of which would also appear on the "Total Fucking Darkness" demo III and the fourth one not elsewhere except for some live recordings, like on "A Pungent and Sexual Miasma". There was also a fifth track (also not appearing elsewhere) included with the folder RS sent and he was quite certain it would be part of this rehearsal and not an advance track for the cancelled original debut album "Goetia" but listening to it I find myself disagreeing as these four songs have a very similar sound, obviously from the same session and the fifth one "Spattered in Faeces" just sounds different. Not really like an album track, more like a demo recording yes, but it's supposed to be unmixed anyways. Please have a listen for yourselves:

Cradle Of Filth - Unmixed LP Track 1993
1) Spattered in Faeces

Yandex / Mediafire

As you note, there was an image included which lables it as an unmixed album track, but obviously that sort of picture is not much of a proof, is it? You see, back when I was young just about everyone knew how to write with a pen, instead of using keyboard/phone/whatever sci-fi device kids these days use. So yeah... but I think it sounds different enough to be an advance track and at least not being from the same recording as the rehearsal above. But if you disagree, feel free to tag it as part of the rehearsal and add it to that. Also if you actually know the truth, please share with us! But that's enough for now, have a listen if you enjoy old COF and thanks to RS for sending the items!

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kingpossum kirjoitti...

Thanks. I've hitherto avoided COF as this Dani character appears to be a bit silly to me. But the music on these posts is enjoyable enough to my ear.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Yes, the character(s) of Dani & co the Coven will not comment for now but I must say I quite enjoy some older 'Filth material.