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Wejdas - Į Tamsą (1994)

Wejdas - Į Tamsą demo I 1994
1) Į Tamsą (Intro)
2) Kosminė Gelmė
3) Išnykusios Civilizacijos Veidas
4) Nežinomiems Dievams
5) Miške (Outro)

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Enough rehearsals but let's stick to contributions for a while longer, this is non-metal for change and the first demo of the Lithuanian Wejdas, at some point self-described as amber ambient. I became curious of them after hearing a song or more like part of it on some compilation or another but somehow never got around hearing to their tapes. Luckily one of my readers had a couple of rips and sent 'em to me. Thanks, you know who you are! Alas, he had no info on the original, heroic ripper of these tapes so that person will remain unknown. Thanks anyways, whoever you were! Scans of the covers are included.

This tape is a bit over half an hour long and is divided into five parts, funny enough the first piece which is labeled as intro is the longest. This is ambient, mostly keys but with some sparingly used voices and additional instrumentation as well. But based on keyboards, definitely. This demo is mostly ethereal, quite melancholic and at times dark (the title means "in darkness") pieces but can surprise listener like on the third track, which is also the shortest one at just over two minutes. Well, I don't really have that much more to say for now, have a listen if you like ambient, dungeon synth (I don't think this would qualify) and other such things.

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Anonyymi kirjoitti...

OK, anyone have an idea of what Wejdas means in Lithuanian? I'm just curious, because it reads "sadjew" - pure coincidence?

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


According to band's page: "In Prussian, Wejdas means God’s image" - so coincidence I'd say!

kingpossum kirjoitti...

This is great stuff to my ear. Could be categorized as Space Black Metal, as per the former blog of the same name that posted stuff like this.

The kind of stuff I like to listen to on long flights for its soothing qualities and sense of endlessness.

Many thanks to the contributor and to Sir Velkaarn as always.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Glad to read you enjoyed it, you're probably pleased to read I got two more releases which I'll post later.

Yes, it does have a kind of spacey, cosmic feel to it, doesn't it? So I can understand that comparison you made.