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Congestion - The Third Dimension demo 1992

Congestion - The Third Dimension demo II 1992
1) Intro / Unblessed
2) When I Ride to Beyond
3) A Gift from Heaven

Yandex / Rusfolder

As promised in the comments section of the previous post, here is the second demo by Congestion, later known as Let Me Dream and notoriously playing gothic slightly doomy metal as opposed to the slightly doomy death metal of these early years. Like the previous tape, this was sent by brother Grev and ripped by his comrade. Thanks to both of you! Apparently this one didn't have a cover either so I made an extremely low effort placeholder for it.

Much of what I wrote concerning the previous effort holds true here so I'm not going to repeat myself overtly here, the sound is quite similar as is the overall sound and feel... the musicianship is a bit sharper this time around but worry not, they still don't sound like professional, seasoned musicians. Which is obviously a selling point to some and a turn off to others. Not certain if it just feels like that or actually true, but the synth presence seems a bit more constant yet less intrusive this time around and the vocals are more uniform in their delivery which I like. "Unblessed" from the first tape makes a reappearance while the other two tracks are new. Not much else to add, if you liked the previous one you'll probably enjoy this one too.

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