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Genocide #3

Genocide magazine, volume III (winter 1996/97)
Darkwoods My Betrothed
Dead Souls Rising
Wampyre ShadowWolf
Laibach (excerpts from interviews between 1980-95)
"The Celts"
"Elite Music from Australia" by Shane Rout
Scholomance (bio)
"Tantric Masturbation" by master Xul Kharesh
"Invoking Diamanda" by Michael Flanagan
Devil Doll
+ reviews


What sorcery is this, another 'zine post?! Yes, since I was sent the other day this scan by brother Wehrwolf and it was quite eagerly expected by some people I decided to act quickly for once and upload this right away. This is in pdf-format so you obviously need the reader to read this, if you happen to be one of the three or four people who do not have it on their computer. The 'zine was compact A5 size, 58 pages and scanned in readable yet economical size. Thanks again, Wehrwolf! 

Genocide was a 'zine made by Karsten Hamre aka Beastus Rex of Penitent fame and as we can see at least three issues were released. I've read there was some sort of controversy with the first issue or something like that but I can't remember the details now and I'm hungry and food is almost done! So yeah read this one, I haven't actually had time to read it through myself but the layout seemed nice and clear, some interesting artists are featured and some not so much, review sections seemed a bit meh but the articles ought to be interesting. If you have the first two issues, I would be curious to see them too.

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