lauantai 26. lokakuuta 2013

Parade - Vieilles pierres demo 2009

Parade (fra) - Vieilles pierres demo 2009
1) Intro (dans sa demeure de R'lyeh la morte)
2) Ritual in Transfigured Times (Maya Deren)
3) L'acte écologiaque
4) Vieilles pierres
5) Outro


I think I said I would upload the other demo, and project by Clément when I posted the Astral Underground demo here. This is his one-man project Parade where his "main concern was to create black-metal-rooted ambient music, suggesting the strange feeling that you can feel when you're deeply afraid of something that you can't see or apprehend" - mainly inspired at the time by Maya Daren filmography, ghost stories and Lovecraft. He's been working on the next piece for some months and it should be much more ambient-oriented with a particular emphasis on synth and electronics. Conceptually it'd be inspired by UFO-sightings and Twin Peaks folklore, which sounds very interesting to me, definitely looking forward to that. The rip he sent has different bitrates going on again but it sounds much more uniform than the Astral Underground one, though he wasn't very pleased with the bad (in wrong way) sound quality. I'm not that bothered by it.

The demo lasts a bit over 20 minutes and like already mentioned is ambient sort of black metal, based on the dsbm-sort of sound but expanding to different spheres. It's an interesting listen and if you liked the A.U. demo you'll probably want to hear this one as well. I would've prefered the ambient to have already more room here so I'm looking forward to the upcoming release.

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