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Moonspell - Live in Zürich 13.10.1995

Moonspell - Live in Zürich, Switzerland 13th October 1995
1) Wolfshade (A Werewolf Masquerade)
2) Love Crimes
3) ...of Dream and Drama (Midnight Ride)
4) An Erotic Alchemy
5) Lua d'Inverno
6) Alma Mater


Once again I'm posting a live tape the night before going to a festival and probably unsurprising, it's Moonspell '95. At least this time I have the excuse of mr. Dominik Matus requesting me to upload whatever live recordings I may have left in the vaults. So, we start with this one which I had kind of forgotten in the ready items folder. This naturally was sent by a tape trader so it is a dub of unknown generation, though the sound is fairly good. A really half-hearted cover of the cuddly wolves thrown together by a lazy blogger.

Decent sound like I said, this is a little shorter gig again, though not as short as the ones during the "Battle of the Ages" tour supporting Immortal & Morbid Angel (most I have posted are from that), this lasts a bit less than 28 minutes. It appears the person who recorded this missed a possible intro as well as the start of the first track. Not too much missing so shouldn't be a grave issue. Personally I'm quite pleased they changed the set by dropping "Vampiria" (unless they played it first and it's missing) and adding "An Erotic Alchemy" to its place. Yup, not really a lot to say as I've posted already a few of these gigs. This has a bit better than average sound so I suppose this'd be a good spot to start if you haven't dared to pick up these live recordings before. I'm off to sleep and to Jalometalli in the morning.

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Dominik Matus kirjoitti...

Thanks! :)

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


You're welcome, I had ripped this one earlier, like I wrote and sort of forgot it. There's at least one work in progress with shitty sound. I'll try to get it done soon.