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Samain - An Leanábh Naomh (Bríste) demo 1994

Samain - An Leanábh Naomh (Bríste) demo 1994
1) A'Cruinneachadh NanUan
2) Stormclouds Gather
3) A Pagan Funeral
4) The Watchword of Evil Is Darkness
5) Drunk on Holy Blood
6) The Red Field


Ok, still some more contributions and about time we move on, right? This one was sent a few months ago by brother Wehrwolf and it was a rip of thing that was supposed to appear on a compilation but as far as I've understood that never happenend and since it'd be a bleeding shame his work ripping the demo and scanning the covers would've gone to waste I'm publishing it here. And if you got curious please check out the actual re-relase of Samain's stuff.

 Speaking of which, the older among you might be surprised/disappointed by the fact that this is not Sadistik Exekution / Bestial Warlust / Spear Of Longinus - vein brutal ass war holocaust winds howling in the depths of abyss swirling with cycles of piss across the sullen face of Kalki. Rather, this is more like the classic pagan black metal sort of music, not the Polish vein, but an uncouth, almost silly down under version. Some, nay, most of the six tracks overstay their welcome but on the other hand does this not just add to the 90's charm of the end result? Sound is fair enough and the music isn't really so embarassing so I'm not sure why they won't add this to the retrospective I've understood is in the works. Good sound, not at all the typical OZ era feel so give 'em a go and buy... whatever the release is/will be if you like folky/"celtic" 90's metal.

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