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Ichor #2

Ichor 'zine, issue 2 (summer 1997)
Cradle Of Filth
Gates Of Ishtar
Kyprian's Circle
Mundanus Imperium
Poles Apart
+old news, reviews, awesome art


Zinezeit, here's a Finnish one I scanned already in June and was actually going to post earlier but then I didn't. Again courtesy of brother passetiermes' generosity in lending these to me for scanning, we salute you! Ichor 'zine was made by Striga of Arthame and co-editor, who for this issue was a mysterious Juha, and at least two issues were made (obviously). The guys also ran a distro/productions of same name with, according to this issue, three other guys and were planning on releasing some demo tapes. Not sure what happened to those plans, perhaps someone more versed in the Vantaa-lore might enlighten us?

Yeah, so it's a Finnish black (mostly) metal fanzine made by a guy with a synth-project. With a memorable backcover art. Is this worth my time? you ask, disinterested look on your face while you sip absinthe, lying vacant-eyed on a divan, surrounded by swirling smoke of burning incence and the faint light of flickering candles. Yes, it is. As seen above, the band roster is interesting and not filled with the most predictable household names of the day. No Behemoth, Marduk or Mortiis this time. It's neat and clear in regards to lay-out, no overtly fancy computer-shenanigans... well ok, it actually looks quite a bit like Kill Yourself!!! now that I think about it. Not as much as Amortization did, though. The look is not the only similarity, the editor gets occasionally agitated and "argues" with the interviewees, as much as you obviously can in an interview made by letter that is. See Graveland for an example, or the Gates Of Ishtar one. I've always found this a bit unfair for the interviewee but understandable enough, the editors are of course entitled to their opinions but it's a bit one-sided when the other part won't have a chance to respond anymore. I'm digressing again, am I not? Right, it's an entertaining read, despite or because of the editors' attitudes (they are more of the booze'n'metal school rather than artsy intellectual-wannabes). Standout interviews include Malign, Graveland and Kyprian's Circle (mainly since I haven't read any before). Horna interview was made over phone which makes it a bit different from the others. Recommended reading.

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GREV kirjoitti...

Hail & Kill brothers Velkaarn & passetiermes'! And thanks for sharing this piece of finnisg ug-scene!

I didn't remember what happened to these "label plans", even that I was in contact mid 1990's to "Maalinauhantien Scene" guys

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Hails! I don't know if Striga's bunch were in touch with the Wanderer et all guys that much (though they reviewed something and had a mention of Wintermoon in the news bit), I guess they were a separate posse so to speak. But that's just a hunch.

GREV kirjoitti...

@Velkaarn. Well, I must check out if I still have "letters in the past"