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Apollyon - Grafsoen (1996)

Apollyon - Grafsoen unreleased MLP 1996
1) Grafsoen
2) Rege Pestis
3) Winter's Prophecy
4) Heksene Samles paa Bloksbjerg

Unreleased track 1998
1) Perfect Symbiosis

Mega / Yandex

Ok, back to the items sent by Chris and the last Apollyon items on the menu, but not the least. This is the unreleased May '96 recording, a mini-album (or EP, where did you draw the line again?) titled "Grafsoen" which features four tracks, three exclusive to this release. I also included in the same download another unreleased track, from a different session but should be 1996 too. Naturally no covers as it was left unreleased.

Three of the songs are longer, between 4:40 and 7:34 while the last one is short folky piece and I suppose functions as an outro as well. The sound gives an impression of being a little unfinished, it's soft and the balance is odd. The vocals are dominant and most distinct element while the rest of the instrumentation kind of tumbles along in the background. Musicwise it sounds a bit different from the demos too, the keys seem more prominent now. Some female vocals have also been added. The new vocalist at the time, Vrykolatios from Brandpest, has a slightly deeper roar than Diabolos did.

The extra track "Perfect Symbiosis" sounds like a rehearsal recording with a pretty good sound and I'm not sure when exactly it was recorded but I think it has the same line-up so perhaps it is a later recording, summer or fall '96 maybe. UPDATE: I was informed this was a later song, recorded after the "Diaboli Gratia" mini, intended for a 7" release and would feature Diabolos again on vox. Thanks for the info! The song is more straight-forward and aggressive than the Grafsoen material. I'm getting tired so not going to type more, grab this if you like Apollyon. Or if you're extremely curious about unreleased stuff.

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GREV kirjoitti...

Megathanks for all Apollyon's post to you & Chris!

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You're welcome brother, standby for some Brandpest material to come!

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@Velkaarn. Of course I'll check your blog daily ;)