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Pactum - Ad Majorem Luciferi Glorium reh/demo 1999

Pactum - Ad Majorem Luciferi Glorium rehearsal/demo 1999
1) Opus I - Canticus Daemoniacus
2) The Call of Black God (Reverence to the Moon, Soul of Night)
3) Luciferi Glorium
4) Orgies in Sadomatic Temple of Baphomet

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This will be the last post for August and it is another contribution by Chris, though this time I did some of the work as he had not divided it into separate tracks. Which then was obviously the bit I did, with the help of the enclosed lyrics and once again Metal Archives (and older rip floating about) were incorrect. So anyway, this is the second (rehearsal) demo by Brazilian band Pactum and first thing I've heard from them. Chris sent HUGE cover scans which, like already mentioned, also include lyrics.

Seeing as this is Brazilian black metal I bet many of you expect to hear warlike, primitive and brutal black/death metal, instead you get a long intro track with synths and harsh, whispery vocals which turns into the first "proper" track after almost five (!) minutes. "The Call of the Black God" isn't exactly a pop song either, running well over seven minutes. "Luciferi Glorium" is also over six and the final one almost seven and half minutes, not that it's a competition or something. Rehearsal sound (well, it does say rehearsal on the sleeve) which isn't shabby but a bit airier and weaker than would be optimal especially for such almost symphonic approach. The main vocal during the three long tracks is a grating, raspy black metal... well not quite a shriek but not a croak either.. shroak? It's not the best nor the worst I've heard but somehow feels out of place often. There are some clean, half-spoken voices used too which sound a bit too loud compared to main voice and music. The keys, which are quite prominent and most of the time piano-like, coupled with the somewhat dry and quiet guitar sound somehow take me back to mid-90's Obtained Enslavement and something else that I can't really pinpoint right now. Overall I'd say it's not exactly bad but not something I enjoy either. Don't know what else to write so I'm going to go eat instant pasta and generally live dangerously. Feel free to check this out and thanks again to Chris!

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kingpossum kirjoitti...

I'm a sucker for melodramatic gothic choir and chanting stuff, so Track 1 hooked me right from the start. Even after the scrabbling troll vocals show up (which I've never been overly fond of) I dig this because of the tone set by churchy moves. Thanks for the post.

Request: any chance the Unholo posts for Mina Olen Tie and Mustan Syvvyden Tuulet could be re-upped during what little precious downtime you have? I went to revisit that stuff and realized its stranded on a long ago crashed drive. Hearty thanks if it gets re-upped and no hatin' if it doesn't.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Yeah, it has a degree of charm after all. Funny that you also ask after the Unhola material, I just replied to Borderline on the comments of "Minä olen tie" demo. So please wait a bit!