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Angizia - Kissarna demo 1995

Angizia - Kissarna demo 1995
1) Ein Scheidelied
2) Heidedamm
3) Im Abendland
4) Schlehdorn einer Schattenwelt
5) Der Walstat Blüte wegen

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Let's do quickly another Austrian item, this time a contribution sent by comrade RunningWild, thanks! This is the '95 demo by Angizia, another part of the Napalm roster in the label's heyday and while technically this is really the second demo in practice it's the first and only as the March '95 demo "Nordheim" was unreleased. Wonder if anyone has it anyways? That was a subtle hint. Right, Angizia remain active and have released seven albums and a split with Amestigon which is where I heard them first and apparently have continued to progress to even further into avant-garde strangeness. I can't really say much about that as I've only heard some of the 90's albums and promptly decided it's not my sort of circus.

But back to this: five tracks of which three are short ones and the second and third long. Music at this point is still clearly rooted in the black/dark metal tradition and could be categorized either as black/gothic/doom metal or perhaps neoclassical dark metal. Raw black metal rasps and howls are the main voice. At times kinda reminds me of their countrymates Korova but less avantgardishly bizarre at this time. Many of the songs sound straight like classical music with black/dark metal vocals added with extra instrumentation. Not bad really, I should give their albums another go though I remember not being too much into the split the last time I took a listen. I'd love to write more but I must hurry so pick this up if you got curious and/or collect Austrian demonology.

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Fridtjof Bjarturson kirjoitti...

Thank youu!!! This is an amazing demo!
It feels so beautiful to hear.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


You're welcome though the thanks belong to comrade RunningWild who had been looking for this demo for a long, long time and whoever originally made this rip.