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Zavorash - In Odium Veritas demo 1998

Zavorash - In Odium Veritas demo II 1998
1) Intro
2) In Odium Veritas
3) The Superior Creed
4) Dreams for Ingrates
5) Human Delirium

Mega / Zippyshare

Next destination is Sweden and with the mention of Elven Witchcraft I decided to upload this, actually quite recent, rip of another EW release which has a few things in common with the previous post. This is the second demo of the Swedish band Zavorash which featured among its ranks the rather well-known master Necromorbus. At whose studio, naturally, this was also recorded. Which you can hear too. I can't help wondering if the EW boss Jānis "Morgueldar" Balodis felt dissappointed or even somewhat betrayed when he got this demo for release? You see, in the beginning and on the first demo Zavorash was heavily inspired by Tolkien (the name is taken from Black Speech) and fantasy which in the first place caught Jānis' attention and then on this demo they've pretty much dropped all that in favour of what could be called early sort of Swedish orthodox black metal. Think Ofermod, Funeral Mist, Malign and so on. He did still call this orcish war black metal or something similar on the mailorder if I remember correctly.

The sound here is obviously good, rip quality too since it was made from an original tape with moderate plays. I suppose I gave a general idea of the music already, the vocals are of the sort of deep(-ish) crooning and half-growls not uncommon to the sub-style instead of rasps and shrieks. It's catchier than the later representatives tend to be and, uh, in general ok but hasn't really ever connected with me. I can listen to it no problem and it has enough variation and all that jazz but doesn't just leave an impression like several other, even quite similar things have done. Initially when I bought it that might've been due conflicting expectations and whatnot psychological shit which then later affects my opinion? But since you're probably not saddled with such baggage feel free to enjoy this more than me, especially if the names mentioned earlier or style appeal to you.

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